A Story Made For You...

The Wellbeing Doctors was founded by Dr Ed Lynch, an Emergency Doctor who specialises in Lifestyle Medicine. He noticed how badly wellbeing was being implemented in workspaces, with little regulation, poor engagement from staff and no measurable improvement in staff wellbeing. As demand grew for medical professionals in this preventative space, TWD has expanded into Healthtech to become one of the leading wellbeing providers in the NW. People often over complicate health & wellbeing. We stick to our mantra:

“People are people”

Wellbeing shouldn't be any more complicated than looking at a person as a whole. No matter the setting - whether we optimise the performance of elite athletes, treat a heart attack in A&E or boost team productivity through optimised wellbeing in a corporate setting, our ethos remains the same:

People are people, and they must be treated as such.

Founder – Edward Lynch

Our business population often spend several hours a day sat at desks, are socially isolated, stressed, eat badly and drink alcohol (to name a few health indicators). Add in a global pandemic with hectic schedules and the results are obvious.

Current reactive wellbeing programmes aren't working for businesses -engagement from staff is low (as low as 0%) and employee health has actually got worse - despite companies having extensive EAPs. Absences and presenteeism rates are on the up, whilst productivity and staff retention are at an all-time low. This is because these programmes are reactive.

Wellbeing is so much more than apps, yoga days or fruit deliveries. Wellbeing is a multi-faceted problem which must be addressed by trained professionals and can be one of the single best investments you make in your business...

It isn't all doom-and-gloom though. The Wellbeing Doctors are specialists in diagnostics, health behaviour changes and Lifestyle Medicine. This provides TWDs unique opportunities to prescribe active, bespoke action plans for employees and, through SLT consultancy, create wellbeing strategies on a corporate level. Our methods are backed by evidence and have proven outcomes.

The Wellbeing Doctors are the only wellbeing company in the UK to assess and monitor the active health status of staff. Only with this information can we make appropriate action plans for employees and thus strategies for the corporate as a whole. Through knowledge comes power.

Stay Healthy,